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Published on March 8th, 2021 | by Sam Rose

Sensational Sharpie Crafting Ideas This Spring!

It’s nearly time to leave Winter behind and look forward to sunny Spring – so get those Sharpie markers at the ready as we share some sensational Sharpie crafting ideas!

When you think of Sharpie Markers, you might not realise that as well as being useful in the workplace environment, a Sharpie also becomes a fantastic creative tool for all manner of crafts!

Here at MyPostShop, we stock a huge selection of Sharpie products in the Sharpie Brand Shop.

And recently, we’ve added the superb Sharpie S range too – a great range of Marker Pens and Creative Marker Pens perfect for all kinds of creative fun!

View the Sharpie S range here.

So grab those Sharpie Markers and crack on with these sensational Sharpie crafting ideas this Spring courtesy of Sharpie’s Get Inspired page!

Sensational Sharpie Crafting Ideas

DIY Sharpie Art Mini Plant Pots

You Will Need

• Sharpie Color Burst Fine Permanent Markers
• A plain white, porcelain or ceramic Mini Plant Pot
• Your chosen Plant/Plants to put in the Mini Plant Pots
• Some potted plant soil
• Painter’s/Washi Tape


Step 1:

Start by thinking about the type of designs you want to create – do you want your pots to include dots, squiggled lines, or other types of shape on them?
Be as creative as you wish!

Step 2:

Line up your Painter’s Tape/Washi Tape with the top of the pot for any linear patterns you are going to create.

A good tip with this is to create your main patterns around the base of your Plant Pot and towards the top of it.

This will leave enough space in the middle for any free hand designs you might wait to create!

Step 3:

Now comes the fun part – it’s time to draw out your designs using your Sharpie markers!

Be as creative as you can be – you could use a variety of colours for your shapes and designs or you could go for a simple colour palette – the choice is completely yours!

Step 4:

Once you’ve completed your designs, set aside the Plant Pot for a few minutes for your markings to dry – the last thing you would want is for your fantastic artwork to smudge!

Step 5:

Put your plants into the Plant Pots using Potted Soil and add water based on the instruction/guidance that came with the plant/plants.

Step 6:

Place your new Sharpie art inspired Plant Pots near your home office window or even outside when the sun comes out to keep your plants vibrant and healthy!

DIY Sharpie Watercolour Coasters

You Will Need

• Several White Ceramic Tiles (if you want to make a full set, make sure you have 4 or 6 at hand)
• Sharpie Permanent Markers
• An Eyedropper or Stirring Spoon
• Some Rubbing Alcohol
• A can of Spray Fixative
• Varnish or Polyurethane Coating (optional)


Step 1:

Apply the Sharpie Marker colours of your choosing to the ceramic tiles, aiming to cover the full face of the tiles with different shapes and patterns.

Repeat this process for each tile but add little bits of variation if you are aiming to create some truly eye-catching Watercolour Coaster art!

Step 2:

Use your Eyedropper tool or a Stirring Spoon to drop small amounts of the rubbing alcohol onto each of the tiles.

This should create a swirling circle pattern effect but don’t add too many drops as this might blur the colours together more than you want!

Step 3:

Allow the tiles to dry off – around 30 minutes up to an hour is recommended and perhaps longer if the colours aren’t completely dry to the touch.

Step 4:

Carefully pick up each tile and lightly spray it with the spray fixative.

Make sure to hold the tiles at least six inches away from you before you spray them and for the best results, aim to spray the tiles in layers with a short break of 1-2 minutes in between.

Step 5 (Optional Step):

For a glossy effect finish on your tiles, apply the varnish or polyurethane coating.

These are just few Sharpie crafting ideas you can try out this Spring but with MyPostShop and Sharpie, you can always uncap the possibilities!

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