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Published on April 5th, 2021 | by Sam Rose

Enter Our Leitz Air Purifiers Giveaway and Enjoy Cleaner Air!

Experience cleaner air in your home or home office by entering our Leitz Air Purifiers Giveaway on MyPostShop!

Whilst it may not be apparent at first, the effects of poor air quality can undo all the hard work you’ve put in to make your current workstation as ergonomic as possible.

But what’s the best solution to improving your air quality and enjoying cleaner air as a result?

Leitz TruSens™ Air Purifiers – The Gateway to Cleaner Air

Enter Leitz TruSens™ Air Purifiers – a new way to help control the air that you breathe in and create a safer and fresher environment to work in.

Placing a Leitz TruSens Air Purifier within your home or workplace helps to reduce airborne allergy and asthma triggers, instantly detects, captures, and destroys harmful airborne pollutants whilst regularly monitoring your air quality.

Some of the other benefits of Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers include:

Live monitoring of air quality within a room – 360-degree filtration delivers clean air across the entirety of a room compared to other air purifiers that shoot air either vertically or in a linear direction.

Instant response to changes in air quality – The illuminated disc display will display current air quality whether it is poor, moderate or at the level it should be.

PureDirect Dual Airflow technology – Clean air bursts from Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers are split into two streams, helping to deliver purified air more efficiently within any area it’s placed in.

Lab tested approval – Rigorous tests have concluded that the bi-directional airflow that Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers emit is 24% more efficient in purifying air within a room when compared to other Air Purifiers.

But don’t just take our word for it – enter our giveaway below for the chance to receive one of three Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers to use within your home or workplace and experience cleaner air for yourself!

How to Enter Our Leitz Air Purifiers Giveaway

Leitz TruSens Air Purifier

If you’re ready to experience cleaner air and higher air quality in your home or home office, then be sure to enter our new giveaway for your chance to receive either:

1 x Leitz TruSens™ Z-1000 Air Purifier Personal/Small Room

1 x Leitz TruSens™ Z-2000 Air Purifier with SensorPod™ Air Quality Monitor

Or 1 x Leitz Z-3000 Air Purifier with SensorPod™ Air Quality Monitor

To be in with the chance of receiving 1 of 3 Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers in our Leitz Air Purifiers Giveaway, simply enter your name and email address into the box shown below and you will automatically be entered into our giveaway.

Be sure to have your entry in by midnight on the 19th of April, as 3 winners will be contacted by email to claim their prize shortly after.

*This prize has been supplied by Leitz, a subsidiary of ACCO Brands. The maximum number of entries for this giveaway is 1 per person. The prize offers no cash alternative, is not for resale and cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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